Incredible Features: The Proof Is In The Bubbles

Up to 40x more dissolved oxygen than conventional aeration
number of categories of industries served…and counting
more surface area than fine bubbles

A “Short List” Of Process Applications For NanO2 Infusion Technology

  • Sludge reduction in digesters, retention ponds and lagoons

  • Rapid dissolved oxygen for Sequencing Batch Reactors (SBR)

  • Enhanced dissolved oxygen for Membrane Bioreactor (MBR)

  • Hydrogen Sulfide Management

  • Ammonia and TKN Reduction

  • pH Adjustment

  • Algae Management and control

  • Groundwater and soil remediation

  • Oxidation of arsenic and other reactive metals

  • Emulsification of heavy oils and hydrocarbons

  • Replacement of peroxides

  • Breakdown of organic compounds

Water and wastewater treatment operations are under increasing regulation and cost of operation.

New and pending regulations call for improvements in treated water quality, many of which will increase aeration loading. Numerous sources state that the cost of energy aeration ranges from 45-60% of annual operating costs. NanO2 LLC Infusion Technology is an efficient and effective choice for most aeration applications. Our technology has been utilized to enhance many water and wastewater treatment processes.

NanO2 nozzles create high velocity liquid discharge to deliver the high concentrations of dissolved gases without the formation of larger buoyant bubbles.