Incredible Bubbles: The Proof Is In The Performance

NanO2 is a proprietary, high efficiency oxygen transfer technology. The key to our efficient delivery process is the engineered NanO2 nozzles that create a high velocity liquid discharge to deliver high concentrations of dissolved oxygen without the formation of larger buoyant bubbles. Most of the micro/nano-bubbles range from a few nanometers to few microns in size.

Process Applications For NanO2 Infusion Technology

  • Hydrogen Sulfide Control

  • Enhanced dissolved oxygen

  • Sludge reduction

  • Corrosion Prevention

  • BOD Reduction

  • Odor Control

  • Oxidation of Metals

  • DO Discharge Compliance

Wastewater treatment operations are under increasing regulation and cost of operation.

New and pending regulations call for improvements in treated water quality, many of which will increase aeration loading.  NanO2Infusion Technology is an efficient and effective choice for most aeration applications. Our advanced oxygenation technology has been utilized to enhance many water and wastewater treatment processes.

NanO2 nozzles create high velocity liquid discharge to deliver the high concentrations of dissolved gases without the formation of larger buoyant bubbles that quickly escape.