N0020 Schematic Process


How NanO2 Works

The NanO2 process begins with either potable or wastewater being pressurized, then atomized and passing through a concentrated gas zone within the NanO2™ process vessel. This forms the micro nano-bubbles in the high-density two-phase solution that is discharged as determined by the process control. The process is capable of delivering a solution with dissolved oxygen content up to 40 times that of conventional aeration.

The supersaturated solution is discharged through our zone valve manifold through tubing or piping to our engineered nozzles. The nozzles are submerged at the point of treatment allowing for optimum oxygen transfer and delivery where most effective. The simple delivery system reduces cost and can be installed quickly with minimal tools or labor.

The key to our efficient aeration process are the NanO2 nozzles that create high velocity liquid discharge to deliver the high concentrations of dissolved gases without the formation of larger buoyant bubbles. The majority of the micro nano-bubbles range from a few nano-meters to few microns in size.

  • NanO2 nozzles can be adapted to produce a range of bubble sizes to satisfy an array of applications. The high velocity discharge aids in mixing and suspension of solids and the dispersion of the dissolved gas in water and wastewater.