Wastewater Lagoon Treatment

Lagoon Treatment – BOD, COD & TSS Reduction

A Midwest transportation service facility needed to reduce the BOD, COD and TSS to meet their discharge permits. The facility has a seasonal discharge permit for the wastewater lagoon, and due to the cold weather, they were considering hauling their wastewater offsite – a costly approach based on trucking and disposal fees.

Our team offered an alternative to inject supersaturated dissolved oxygen into the lagoon to stimulate bacterial activity during extreme cold weather. At the time of the process the ambient temperature ranged from 40 F to -20 and water temperature was recorded as 32 F below the ice cover. Available DO at the time of the project was “0”.

Within 48 hours of starting the dissolved oxygen injection the DO under the ice exceeded 10 PPM and reached 20 PPM for a short period of time. After less than 10 days of treatment the BOD, COD and TSS were reduced to levels that met their permit and allowed them to discharge the wastewater in the lagoon.

  • Enhances biological activity for improved treatment
  • Provides year around treatment – even under ice cap
  • Micro-nanobubbles’ low buoyancy reduces off gassing
  • Effective aeration for shallow lagoons