Hydrogen Sulfide Control

Hydrogen Sulfide Control – Sewer Collection System

A fast growing municipality was experiencing elevated levels of hydrogen sulfide in the sewer collection system, resulting in numerous public nuisance odor complaints. H2S levels were recorded as high 1300 PPM at various locations within the sewer system. A site was chosen that demonstrated elevated levels.

An IN-15 was installed with integrated oxygen generator with (2) discharge zones. One zone is dedicated to the wet well and operates either on time or DO demand to maintain a positive DO, with an average flow rate of 3-6 USGPM. The second zone discharges into the pump discharge line a flow of 6 USGPM into the collection system when the lift station pumps activate.

Additional units are being installed at other sites within the municipality. For more information contact our office.

  • Eliminates stripping from aqueous solution to nuisance and hazardous odors
  • Rapid dissolved oxygen delivery effective in preventing conditions that produce odors
  • Inline injection assist in reducing sewer pipe corrosion
  • Low operating costs, minimal operator requirements