NanO2 offers an innovative alternative to current aeration technology utilizing high velocity engineered nozzles to create clouds of micro nano-bubbles in solution. Delivering supersaturated oxygen and other gas-water solutions through our high velocity nozzles to create “clouds” of micro-nanobubbles which optimize remediation or wastewater treatment, biological activity and wastewater odor management.

Reduce Operation Costs

Water and Wastewater treatment operations face increasing regulations and related cost. NanO2 technology offers enhanced operational performance and savings while meeting new regulations and permits.

Look Beyond Standard Aeration

NanO2 process combines enhanced dissolution capabilities and patented high velocity nozzles for superior oxygen transfer efficiency.

Reduce Off-Gassing

NanO2 micro-nanobubble solution enables oxygen to remain solution up to weeks without measurable loss to off-gassing.

Innovating Hydrogen Sulfide Control

At a time when utilities are confronted with aging infrastructure and increasing operational costs, wouldn’t it be a nice to have a hydrogen sulfide control solution that both lowers operating costs and improves process control in your wastewater collection system?
NanO2 advanced oxygenation technology addresses the source of the problem and provides significant savings over traditional chemical treatments.

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