Reduce Operation Costs

Water and Wastewater treatment operations face increasing regulations and related cost. NanO2 technology offers enhanced operational performance and savings while meeting new regulations and permits.

Look Beyond Standard Aeration

NanO2 advanced technology combines enhanced gas dissolution process and our engineered nozzles to deliver more dissolved oxygen as micro-nano bubbles than current aeration technologies.

Reduce Off-Gassing

NanO2 oxygen-water emulsion of micro-nanobubbles demonstrate reduced buoyancy, resulting in longer retention times and reduced losses to off gassing.

NanO2 LLC offers an innovative alternative to current aeration technology utilizing high velocity engineered nozzles to create clouds of micro nano-bubbles in solution. Delivering supersaturated oxygen and other gas-water solutions through our high velocity nozzles to create “clouds” of micro-nanobubbles which optimize remediation or wastewater treatment, biological activity and wastewater odor management.

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Our energy efficient process can reduce power consumption by more than 60% over current aeration systems.